AERO is a high-end, integrated Internet trading application for Investor connecting with Trading Member/Client environment. AERO enables increased level of operational ease and execution efficiency by empowering the user with a multi-console operation for all dealing activities. The advantage is further extended as the single application provides connectivity to multi-exchange multi-segment trading facility. AERO also facilitates real time market information (price feed) of multi-exchange multi-segments and an ability to send orders directly to the exchange. The application architecture facilitates the trading members to maintain common Risk and Surveillance Management for all exchanges/segments. This document contains additional features for Segments over and above the features provided in earlier version. AERO facilitates end user to login Application in streaming mode. Streaming Mode enables user to get live Market Feed with any interruption.

Enhanced User Experience:

  • Fresh Intuitive User Interface
  • Convenient, Context- Rich user experience
  • Advanced Analytics with unparalleled Insights
  • Powerful Trading experience as good as an EXE.
  • Integrated Backoffice application
  • Screeners
  • Calculators
  • Scrip Scanners
  • Call put ratio

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