Mutual Funds are an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio with the help of market experts. Welcome to Arihant Mutual Fund Center, a place where you can meet all your mutual fund investment needs.

Right advice with array of choices


Arihant offers personalized mutual fund investment advice tailored to your investment needs through a disciplined investment process.

We offer you an array of mutual fund choices and take care of the most important task of selecting the best options out of whole bunch of mutual fund schemes for the safety and growth of your hard earned money.

You also get access to exclusive mutual fund research reports to help select the right schemes.

5 reasons to invest in mutual fund with Arihant

  • Assistance at every step of the investment process.
  • Access to thousands of mutual fund schemes at one place
  • Unbiased investment recommendations backed by in-depth research.
  • Portfolio designing tailored to your need and continuous portfolio monitoring.
  • Invest in mutual funds using your trading account, without the hassle of filling in application forms.

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Why invest in mutual funds?


Allows investment in small sums in a diversified portfolio

Expert management

Mutual funds are managed by professionals and experts manage your portfolio hence they are ideal for those who don't have time or know-how of investing in the markets


Whether you are looking for safe investment or want to take risk, mutual funds offer solutions suited to your needs from thousands of scheme options to choose from


You can easily redeem your fund at the market price anytime you need cash

Convenience of small investments

With mutual funds you can invest in a well-diversified portfolio even with amounts (as low as Rs.100). Using SIP route you can make the power of compounding work for you

Tax Benefits

Various tax saving funds that offers professional management with the benefit of tax saving

Low Transaction Costs

Mutual provides economies of scale allowing experts to manage your portfolio at a fraction of cost


All information about your portfolio is available online through monthly factsheets and funds' websites

Access to new markets

Mutual funds allow you to invest in offshore markets without any extra paperwork with ease

Systematic Investment Plan

A smart way to reach your financial goals

Systematic investment plan (SIP) is one of the biggest blessings for an investor. It aims at wealth creation by investing small sums of money at regular intervals in a pre-defined mutual fund scheme allowing rupee cost averaging with the added benefit of power of compounding.

It inculcates the habit of disciplined investing that helps you to plan for your future - child's education, buying a house, daughter's wedding.

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More on SIP

Rs 3,000 invested every month for 26 years will give you Rs 1.15 Crore* to buy your dream house.

Rs 3,000 invested every month for 10 years will give you Rs 8.4 Lakhs* for the dream car you want

* Returns calculated at an expected rate of return of 15%

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whether you want to understand basics of mutual funds, or need to choose the right funds for your investment needs, we have a range of articles on mutual funds to help you get started.

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Mutual Funds are subject to market risk. Please read the offer document carefully before investing. Terms and Conditions apply