Commodities asset class has experienced strong growth in recent years as it offers opportunities to fine-tune a portfolio's risk and return characteristics. Having access to the best trading tools, support from experienced and knowledgeable professionals, competitive pricing and proven research can help you become a more confident trader.

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Why invest in commodities?

Commodities are a distinct asset class whose returns that is largely independent of stock and fixed income markets. Therefore, adding broad commodity exposure helps diversify a portfolio, lowering risk and potentially boosting return.


Since movement in commodities prices does not have direct correlation with that of equities or fixed income, commodities offer investors a means to diversify their portfolios.

Hedge against inflation

Commodity prices usually rise when inflation is accelerating, therefore investing in commodities provides a hedge against inflation.

Lower margins

Commodity Futures require lower margins, much lower compared to other asset classes, that allows taking large positions at lower capital. Hence upping the risk and the potential reward.

Electronic Trading

Just like stocks, trading in commodities can be done at the click of a button through mobile or internet. You also have the option of holding commodities in demat form, removing the hassle of warehousing.

Diverse opportunities

Whether you're a speculator taking on risk for the potential profit or a hedger protecting yourself from market volatility, commodities futures provides you a lucrative market opportunity to profit from.

Regulated market

Commodity exchanges are regulated by Forward Market Commission (FMC) offering a transparent trading platform and eradicating risk of counterparty default.

Investing in Commodities with Arihant

At Arihant, we are passionate about what we do and believe in delivering the best. Our clients say they enjoy working with us and love the personal attention. That is why we have earned a reputation as the brokerage firm that believes in client's growth.

Multiple exchanges

You get access to commodities traded on leading commodities exchanges in India - MCX, NCDEX and ACE.

Strong research

Dedicated commodities research team driven by qualified professionals with a solid research track record to help you make the right decisions.

Trade across platforms

Trade in commodities online, on the phone or with your mobile using our sophisticated trading platforms.

Beyond technology: Service

Our team of sales professionals work directly with you to offer services and solutions to suit your personal trading needs.


We're one of the firsts to start commodities trading in India. With our market expertise, proactive guidance and knowledgeable support, you can be assured you're with right people.

Powerful Trading Platforms

Trade in multiple asset classes on a single platform. This together with high speed execution and smart trading platforms customised to your needs makes commodities trading convenient