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Why Systematic Investment Plan(SIP)?

An SIP works for you in four ways

Disciplined Investment

It helps you to save regularly and thus inculcates a sense of discipline

Power of compounding

Small, regular investments lead to large accumulation of wealth over time hence harnessing the power of compounding.

Rupee cost averaging

SIP ensures you invest at every market level hence saving you from the biggest mistake that every investor makes – buying high selling low. This combined with the power of compounding works wonders to your portfolio.

Small Pocket Investment

You can invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks with as low as Rs 500 per month through the SIP mode.

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Complete range of investment products and solutions to support your financial goals. We offer you a wide range of investment choices, online trading platforms, research and investment education to help you bind and manage a portfolio suited to your needs.



History has shown that equity is the best asset class delivering the highest return in the long term and is a good hedge against inflation.

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Empowering you to plan and save for your future by bringing you closer to achieving your financial objectives.

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A demat account with Arihant is the most secured and seamless mode of holding and tracking your investments.

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