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Arihant prides itself in being a "different kind of investment firm". What sets us apart is that we objectively guide our clients towards meeting their goals, making investment accessible and understandable to all.

No matter how you like to invest or what level of support you need, Arihant offers investment help and guidance that's most suited to your needs.


Get access to superior research and right tools to help you select investments, evaluate opportunities, and develop investing strategies.

You'll get:

  • Access to a broad range of investment choices, including stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, IPO, currency, bonds and commodities.
  • Access to a variety of tools and platforms to help you trade efficiently, execute your strategy and select the right investments to fit your needs
  • Arihant's comprehensive research
  • Market insights and actionable investing strategies from Arihant's experts
  • Multi-channel investment options
  • Online charting tools

And of course even if you choose to invest yourself, there's always help when you need it.


One-on-one advice to clarify your goals and help you choose the right investment approach to match your needs and investing style.

Arihant Private Client Group lets you work with a team of investment professionals who will help you develop a diversified portfolio and provide ongoing advice on equities, derivatives, mutual funds, IPO, currency* and commodities*

Arihant gives you access to investment professionals, and offers portfolio customization and tax efficiencies to help you make most of your hard earned money

*currency and commodities advice is provided only upon request from our commodities experts


Access a range of professionally managed mutual fund schemes designed to fit your investment goals.

Arihant's mutual fund experts will sit with you and understand your investment requirement and after a careful analysis will recommend you a mutual fund portfolio based on your investment horizon, age and risk capacity.

Your investment will then be professionally managed by fund managers with a vast experience and know-how of the field.

You'll also get monthly update of your portfolio to keep you at the top of your investments.


What are stocks? Are they for me? What's the difference between mutual funds and exchange traded funds? Is commodities trading safe? Read below to understand various investment prodcts and are they suitable for you.

Product Definition Ideal For
Stocks or Equities An investment that allows you to buy and shares of listed companies. Learn basics of equities Best asset class for generating wealth over a long period of time. High risk and high return
Mutual Funds A professionally managed investment vehicle that pools money from several investors into a diverse basket of securities. Learn basics of mutual funds Best for getting access to a diversified portfolio managed by experts with various options to choose from based on risk taking capacity and investment horizon
Exchange Traded Funds Mutual fund schemes traded on stock exchange. They usually are passive scheme that mimics a particular index or asset class like gold Smart tool for diversifying and balancing portfolios. Ideal for investors who want access to professional management at low cost
Fixed Income A fixed income product is an interest-bearing security that obligates the issuer to pay the security-holder a fixed interest usually at specific intervals. Ideal for income generation at low risk and a great way to diversify the portfolio. Choose from various fixed income investment options like bonds, tax saving bonds, non-convertible debentures, corporate fixed deposit.
Options Options are to buy or sell a security at an agreed-upon price within a specific period of time. Meant for experienced investors or traders. Great tool for hedging and income-generating strategies.
Futures A financial contract in which two parties agree to transact a set of financial instruments or physical commodities for future delivery at a particular price. Meant for sophisticated traders, this speculative instrument is used for risk-taking investors to trade on leverage or can also be used for hedging.
Currency A platform that allows trading of currencies of two different countries in a pair Meant for sophisticated traders to profit from rise and fall in currencies or for importers and exporters to hedge
Commodities Facilitates trading in various commodities like agri, metals and oil High leverage presents growth opportunity for risk-tolerant investors. Also useful for advanced asset allocation & portfolio balance


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