"I wanted to create a different kind of investment firm. I believed that more than anything investing should be easier and understandable to all and at the end the client should benefit. Today, as one of the most recognized names in financial services, this focus is still a core part of how we do business"

- Ashok Kumar Jain, Founder and Chairman

Helping investors meet their financial goals.

At Arihant, your growth is our objective. When you work with us, we make sure we give you the right guidance and advice you deserve. Investing requires a disciplined approach, building a diversified portfolio and a strategy that takes cares of inevitable ups and downs in the economy. For years we've been working on empowering clients to take care of their financial lives and being involved in the process, so they know what's happening with their hard-earned money. Our clients value us because of our different approach and the right advice they get from us. We work as a family and create personal relationship with our clients - an Arihant client is a client for the lifetime. That's what makes us different.


Powerful Trading Platforms


Knowledgeable professional guidance


Competitive pricing with no hidden costs


Full selections of Investment choices


Empowering educationals tools and resources


In-depth, unbaised research

Personal Relationship


At Arihant we believe that it is not just the product or service that we are offering, it is a relationship we are building with our clients. Being a client you deserve a personal relationship based on trust, reliability, understanding and respect. This relationship is the underpinning from which we will support you in meeting your financial objective.

Unbiased and comprehensive Research


Make more informed decisions through our in-depth, unbiased research. Whether you want to manage your own portfolio or want need help to manage it, you'll get investment guidance and portfolio planning that's right for you.

Our research team will offer excellent investment opportunities, will help you identify significant market trends, and will make sure that the information reaches you at the earliest. We provide an integrated approach of fundamental and technical research. Fundamental, short-term, long-term or intraday trading, whatever your investment objective, we will meet your needs.

A full range of Investment Choices


We offer wide range of investment products and services to make saving and investing easier for you.

Equities, derivatives, commodities, depository services, currency derivatives, IPOs, mutual fund, online trading, bonds - no matter what investment-related service/product you need, you can get it at Arihant.

Powerful Tools & Platforms


Whether you're long-term investor or an active trader our online, mobile, and downloadable trading platforms give you everything you need to research stocks, place trades, and access your portfolio with access to real-time quotes, advanced charting tools and specialists with years of trading experience. Our sophisticated, state-of-the-art order routing technology also allows speedy and accurate execution of your orders giving you a trading experience like never before.

Knowledgeable Guidance


We know it's important to get professional support; after all it's a matter of your hard-earned money. That's why our experts, from Chartered Financial Planners to CAs to CFAs, are available at every step of your investment experience to provide you the right guidance and support you need.

You just get the help you need without any hassle or pressure

  • Investment experts to help you create a customised portfolio
  • Dedicated active trading, futures and options specialists
  • Experienced Chartered Financial Planner to plan your financial future

Empowering Educational Resources


Smart investing starts with right information. Learn the basics of investments to advanced trading tactics through our various tools and resources to making investing easier for you.



On the phone, through email, or one-on-one through personal service. No matter what level of support you need, our executives are always ready to assist you. We have always been known to provide quality and genuine information. Our friendly and helpful team of customer service executive make sure that they meet all your needs.

You just get the help you need without any hassle or pressure

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